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About the Company:

 Brantley Transportation was originally formed in 1955 by W.H. Brantley and his brothers.  From humble beginnings in Wickett, Texas with three trucks and two sets of license plates, Brantley has grown to a fleet exceeding 60 trucks with terminals in Monahans, Texas, Houston, Texas and Cleburne, Texas.  By providing shipments of your oilfield equipment that arrive on time at your specified locations from California to New York and the Texas gulf coast to the Canadian border, Brantley has developed a reputation of being first in quality and commitment over our past 50 plus years of service to the oil and gas industry.

 While Brantley has shipped oilfield equipment from coast to coast and border to border, we specialize in the movement of drilling rigs in the Permian Basin area of West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico as well as the Barnett Shale area near Fort Worth, Texas.  Additionally, Brantley specializes in the shipping of gas compressors and related equipment in a corridor from Houston, Texas northward into Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.


Your Shipment Matters:

 Kent McDaniel, the current president and grandson of W.H. Brantley, continues to claim the company motto for each and every shipment.  “Brantley.  Better, Because We Want To Be” is a motto that has served well through the years.  Engrained from the company president down through all of the employees at Brantley, the motto creates an attitude of kindred spirit and teamwork.  The result is a company with a goal of being the best available to transport your shipment safely and on time, every time.  In addition, presently there are in excess of 20 loyal employees with over 5 years experience working for Brantley Transportation exclusive of experience gained elsewhere within the oilfield transportation industry.  Your shipment will be in good hands with the experience that Brantley brings to your location in order to load, haul or unload your valuable equipment.



Brantley Transportation makes being in the people business a priority.  Brantley strives to make each employee feel that they are a part of a winning team and the work that they do and the jobs that they perform is what has made Brantley successful over the past 50 years.   Brantley Transportation feels that being in the people business is also the reason that the employees with the help of management has created a working environment that is much safer than the industry norms as evidenced by the company’s worker compensation insurance modifier being less than the industry average for the last several years.  By working with pride and safety, you can count on your shipment arriving safely and damage free.